10 React Methods That You Need To Know

In today’s story, I will talk about the React Js. React created by Facebook. It helps us to build UI components effectively. Today I discuss react js very simple way. So don’t waste your time, get ready to know about React. Let’s go….

What is react?

What is JSX?

Virtual DOM

In React, Virtual DOM exists which is like a lightweight copy of the actual DOM. It’s exactly the same as DOM but it has limitations to do directly change the layout of the document. Manipulating DOM is a slower process to do, but Virtual DOM is lightweight and fast.


This particular part is a component and easy to handle and write code.

React Hooks

Functional & Class Component

The class component is used for complex UI logic & more feature than the functional component. Using state & lifecycle methods inside the component. Allow “this” keyword in the component.




React Events

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